Yarn Nomad
Yarn Nomad
Class - Humanoid
Level - 47
Damage Psionic Psionic
The Yarn are a secretive nomadic people who prefer to live isolated lives away from the more civilized areas. Not much is known about the Yarn but it is known that the Yarn spend much of their time refining their psychic skills and practicing strange religious rituals. The Yarn are feared by outsiders as their practices are viewed with suspicion and there are tails of the Yarn using their powers for evil purposes.
XP 94 - 100
Attack 132 - 144
Defense 86 - 101
Armor 100 - 108
Damage 54 - 63
HP 97 - 100
Credits 44 - 50
Ruined Yarn Ring
Highridge Crag (Yarn Domain)
Piercing Strike 5 - 6
Solid 3% - 4%
Psionic 3% - 4%

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