Yarn Hermit
Yarn Hermit
Class - Humanoid
Level - 49
Damage Psionic Psionic
Among the Yarn there are those that seek solace to practice their skills. They remove themselves from the Yarn camps and become hermits. In this lonely state away from distractions they practice their mysterious skills and rituals. To disturb a Yarn Hermit is to invite psychic destruction as they loathe outsiders and see them as targets to practice their powers on.
XP 99 - 103
Attack 109 - 110
Defense 114 - 116
Armor 117 - 124
Damage 60 - 65
HP 110 - 115
Credits 47 - 50
Hermit Bundle
Highridge Crag (Yarn Retreat)
Critical Hit 4 - 6
Solid 1% - 2%
Piercing 1% - 2%

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