Ug Pug
Ug Pug
Class - Mutant
Level - 11
Damage Radiation Radiation
This wrenched being has had it's mind warped by the toxic wastes as much as it's body. All the Ug Pug understands is the need to feed and survive. Without the restraint of morality, what the Ug Pug considers as food is a very wide range of organic entities. It is a feared creature mostly due to it's blade like fingers and extreme toxicity.
XP 24 - 26
Attack 30 - 38
Defense 13 - 15
Armor 25 - 28
Damage 13 - 15
HP 25 - 30
Credits 9 - 12
Ug Arm
Desert Path (Narrows)
Multi-Layered Armor 2 - 3
Radiation 9% - 10%

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