Tunnel Driller
Tunnel Driller
Class - Vehicular
Level - 38
Damage Crushing Crushing
The Tunnel Driller is the largest vehicle used by the miners. Operated by two miners this gigantic machine is used to drill new tunnel ways, with Miners and loaders following close behind to clear up the debris left by the drilling. The Tunnel Driller is not a combat vehicle but its heavy armour and giant drill will threaten to crush all those who oppose its might.
XP 78 - 80
Attack 77 - 90
Defense 10 - 15
Armor 140 - 149
Damage 42 - 44
HP 118 - 125
Credits 34 - 41
Spiral Drill
Highridge Mines (Sprawl)
Multi-Layered Armor 5 - 6
Crushing 3% - 4%
Piercing 3% - 4%

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