1 Initialize (Stage 2) - (5, 6) [none]



  1. Obtain Steel Body Armor
  2. Equip Steel Body Armor



Light runs in rivers all around you as you walk through the world. Upon a platform a ghostly form hovers. The shining figure opens it's eyes and smiles, 'I am the Item Dispenser – are you looking for me?'

The figure smiles, then reaches out and touches you. A slight static charge runs through your body. 'I have given you the 'Steel Body Armor', please speak to me again if you wish to know how to equip the item.'

You recieve 1 x Steel Body Armor

The Item Dispenser stands before you, 'Do you wish to know how to equip your new item?

The Item Dispenser nods, 'To equip the item I have given you, you need to first click the Character Tab found in the Main Menu. When the tab opens, select the Data Sheet.

MM Data Sheet

This Sheet details all your Character information. On the Data Sheet you will find a image of yourself. The Backpack is located under this image. There are five slots available for items to be carried in the Backpack. In one of these slots you will find the Steel Body Armor.

Backpack Contents

Click on the small picture of the Steel Body Armor to equip it. When you have done this the Armor will vanish from your Backpack and "jump" into the relevant location in your Inventory.

Inv Armor Location

Speak to the Combat Instructor when you have equipped the Steel Body Armor.'

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