73 Scrap Yard (Iron Dump) - (2, 2) [none]



  1. Obtain 1x Nanite Bundle Blueprint
  2. Return to (2, 2)
  3. Go to (10, 15)
  4. Go to (13, 4)
  5. Go to (10, 15)
  6. Go to (2, 2)



A man in a white coat stands looking around in frustration.

He turns to you, 'I really don't need your sarcasm thank-you-very-much.' Then he seems to look closer at you, 'Good grief, your a G27 Unit! I've heard that the G27 Facility had been destroyed. Glad to see that it hasn't. Anyway, I'm having some trouble. The Scrap Yard is under attack by rogue Nanites. These little machines have saturated the atmosphere of Sigma. Most of the time this does not cause any harm. But occasionally the concentration of different Nanites and radiation causes odd things to happen. We have received reports that some scrap have started undergoing spontaneous animation. This can be dangerous as these animated machines are not made for a purpose, so they can lash out at anything.'

'I have been tasked to finding the cause for this, but I can't get near the Nanite Swarms. Please take this Nanite Bundle Blueprint and get me a sample for me to study.'

You receive 1 x Nanite Bundle Blueprint

The Man in the white coat greets your eagerly, 'Have you got the Nanite Bundle from the Corrupted Nanite Swarm yet?'

He takes the Bundle from you and drops it into a hand held scanner, after a few seconds it bleeps and a piece of paper curls out the top. A frown crosses his face as he looks at the results. 'There is an odd Gamma Corrosion here. It has an odd pattern, I have not seen it before.'

The man looks at you nervously, 'I'm sorry but I must ask you another favor. There has to be a source of this contamination somewhere in the Iron Dump.

Can you find the contamination and remove it? I think that this Gamma Contamination is corrupting the base programming of the Nanites. So with the contamination gone the Swarms will stop.'

A large Nanite Cloud writhes before you.

The dark cloud makes no sound as it moves. As you get closer an odd sensation of being watched creeps up on you. But you dismiss it and concentrate on the problem at hand. The cloud seems to boil from the center and twist on itself at the edges. As if it is trying to protect it's self from something. To your left you see a barrel with a fire burning in it.

Maybe the heat will damage the cloud. You take a wooden stick and light the end. You throw the stick at the cloud but it moves away far too quickly and it don't touch the cloud. The Nanites can obviously sense their environment. You will need a heat source with much more speed to surprise the cloud.

The dark cloud of Nanites hovers in front of you, to destroy the cloud you will need a heat source that will move in a flash.

You smile despite yourself as you chuck the Grenade into the murky mist. You turn just in time as the flash of pure heat hits you. Turning back, you see the remains of the cloud evaporates into the air

On the ground at the center of where the Nanite cloud stood you are shocked to see a body of a Raga House Warrior. Massive gashes criss-cross his chest as if a huge meat cleaver had been used to expose his internal organs. With great sadness, you drag the burning barrel over to the body and kick the blazing embers over the dead Warrior.

You should return to the SureTec Scientist to tell him what you have done.

The SureTec Scientist is busy scanning random bits of scrap. He seems to be trying to make a tune out of the bleeps his scanner makes. You cough and he spins round quickly, 'Oh, errrm I didn't expect you back so soon. Did you find the source of the Gamma Contamination?'

The Scientist listens to your tale carefully, when you are finished he stares off into the middle distance. 'So a Raga Mutant was the source. Maybe the mutants body alters the Radiation, this would explain why they don't die of poisoning. Also why I couldn't recognise the radiation pattern. Fascinating, I would never have thought of that. You have done well my friend, take this Bot Crusher Blueprint as thanks for all your efforts.'

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