Spine Bloom
Spine Bloom
Class - Plant
Level - 14
Damage Solid Solid
The Spine Bloom has a beautiful scent that attracts both animals and insects alike. When the plant feels the vibrations of a large animal through it roots, it shoots out it's spine with unerring accuracy. When the animal has died, the Spine Bloom simply waits for the body to decompose enough for it's prehensile roots to suck the moisture from the body. The color of the Spine Blooms most recent victims blood is what gives the Spine Bloom it's radiant blossom as it's natural color is white.
XP 30 - 32
Attack 25 - 30
Defense 10 - 15
Armor 35 - 40
Damage 14 - 18
HP 40 - 45
Credits 24 - 26
Blossom Branch
Highridge Walk
Piercing Strike 1 - 3
Multi-Layered Armor 2 - 3
Solid 1% - 2%
Energy 1% - 2%
Flame 1% - 2%

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