63 Raga Domain (North Quadrant) - (9, 11) [none]



  1. Obtain 1x Power Converter Blueprint
  2. Go to (17, 12)
    • Insert Converter
  3. Go to (13, 4)
    • Insert Converter
  4. Go to (5, 3)
    • Insert Converter

A Mutant Suppression Tower



In the distance smoke rises in a thick black column.

As you draw near to the source of the smoke you discover a wrecked armored car, A wounded Mutant waves you over. 'I have to ask you a favor Unit *cough*, the Shard have de-activated the three Suppression Towers. They must be re-activated, or the Shard will be over run us in a matter of days!

They have ripped out the Power Converter, since the towers work on solar power they cannot work if they cannot convert the sunlight into electricity.'

'Take this Power Converter Blueprint, please replace the converters. I know the Shard have taken the components. So you must search them for what you need. You should start with the Eastern Tower first'

You receive 1 x Power Converter Blueprint

Before you stands a Suppression Tower, you will need a Power Converter to fix the Tower.

The Tower starts to hum slightly, then lights blink on and the Twin Pulse Cannons start to turn towards you. You back off quickly.

The second Suppression Tower stands before you. It is not active due to it's Power Converter being ripped out by the Shard.

The Tower is silent for a long time and you start to think that it hasn't worked, when the lights suddenly turn on.

You do not stop to see if the Pulse Cannons are working. The sound of hot plasma hitting the ground around as you run, reassures you completely that the Suppression Tower is in perfect working order.

The last Suppression Tower stands before you. A Power Converter will reactivate the Tower.

You look over your shoulder to make sure that you know which way to run before you shut the maintenance hatch. As you do so several Thax Crusaders come over the rise. The Tower targets them immediately.

You take this opportunity to leave the area before the Tower changes it's mind.

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