Sharona Rai (Elite)
Sharona Rai (Elite)
Class - Cybernetic
Level - 26
Damage Solid Solid
Sharona Rai is a manipulative and powerful Cyborg and leader of the gang known as the Chrome Hand. When she can't persuade a Cyborg to join her crusade, she simply strips them of all useful parts and leaves the 'un-enlightened' husk at the mercy of the Taulisan Desert. Sharona Rai is also prolific in creating cybernetics and designed much of her own advanced systems. She is always trying to improve her cybernetics and will go to any lengths to get the information she needs to do so.
XP 124 - 126
Attack 141 - 143
Defense 92 - 97
Armor 93 - 100
Damage 58 - 60
HP 82 - 85
Credits 26 - 28
Chrome Arm
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Towers)
Piercing Strike 2 - 3
Multi-Layered Armor 1 - 3
Critical Hit 1 - 2
Solid 4% - 5%
Energy 2% - 3%
Slashing 2% - 2%

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