Shard Sonic Disruptor
Shard Sonic Disruptor
Class - Mineral
Level - 55
Damage Energy - damage Energy
The Amethyst Peak Terrace is protected by a shard defence system that is activated when creatures that are not of the Shard race enter the area. The defence system produces what are known as Shard Sonic Disruptor's. These weapons spring from the ground when enemies are detected and send of pulses of sonic energy that can shatter bone and crack armor.
XP 108 - 118
Attack 99 - 108
Defense 130 - 140
Armor 150 - 155
Damage 72 - 74
HP 110 - 120
Credits 50 - 50
Shattered Disruptor Base
Amethyst Peak (Terrace)
Amethyst Peak (Upper Slope)
Critical Hit 5 - 6
Solid 3% - 4%
Energy 1% - 2%
Crushing 1% - 2%

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