Shard Prospector
Shard Prospector
Class - Mineral
Level - 28
Damage Crushing Crushing
The Shard Prospectors guide their workers in the wastes. The Alien Shard are enemies of Sigma and here in the wastes the Prospectors have little protection from their foes. Rumor has it that the Prospectors have struck a deal with Sharona Rai for the protection of the Chrome Hand while they work in the wastes. In return for the protection of the gang the Shard are giving Sharona Rai secrets in advanced cybernetic technology.
XP 59 - 59
Attack 61 - 68
Defense 58 - 65
Armor 54 - 58
Damage 25 - 28
HP 52 - 54
Credits 26 - 30
Amethyst Gem
Wreck Salvage
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Sands)
Multi-Layered Armor 4 - 6
Solid 2% - 3%
Radiation 1% - 2%
Psionic 1% - 3%

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