70 Raga Hills (Depths) - (10, 15) Out Flanked



  1. Give 1x Seal of Karrik
  2. Kill 30 Raga Junkbots
  3. Return to (10, 15)
  4. Go to (10, 1)
  5. Kill 1x Gundo Raga (Elite)
  6. Go to (14, 12)
  7. Go to (10, 15)



An Exile Guard stands in the dark, he only has one eye. As you draw near he draws his weapon, 'Go away stranger, we only allow those we can trust in here'

The One Mutant stares at the seal in his hands, 'I don't believe it. I thought the King had been frozen into inactivity. I take it that the King wants Gundo Raga dealt with finally. Well it will not be easy.

You first have to get past the robot guards. Go kill 30 Raga Junkbot. Return to me when you have succeeded.'

The One Eyed Guard awaits your return, 'Have you destroyed 30 Raga Junkbots?'

The Mutant nods, 'Excellent, with the way cleared I can open the Halls of Exiles. Inside you will find Gundo Raga (Elite) kill him for the Kings sake, and that of House Raga.

I fear he will attack the Raga Heart after the Shard have weakened the Houses strength. You must stop him. Come back when the deed is done.'

The One Eyed Mutant greets you nervously, 'Have you killed Gundo Raga (Elite)?'

He sighs deeply, 'Thank you Unit. We are loathed to spill our own blood, but you have done a great service to our House. With their leader dead, most of the Exiles will lose heart and return to Raga.

'Take this Raga Battle Maul Blueprint as a token of our thanks. Only Friends of House Raga may carry the weapon. As a side note I shall open the Raga Storehouse for you. Inside you will find some interesting Blueprints.

Walk with honor Unit.'

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