Raga Junkbot
Raga Junkbot
Class - Robotic
Level - 70
Damage Solid Solid
Raga Junkbots are simple robots made from scrap parts and salvaged items. The Junkbots are used by Gundo as they make cheap and strong warriors and are fitted with powerful weapon systems, although they are prone to breakdowns and weapon jams. Another advantage of the Junkbot is that they are not tempting as meals for the rest of his cannibalistic hoard!
XP 141 - 148
Attack 166 - 178
Defense 160 - 170
Armor 180 - 190
Damage 86 - 88
HP 129 - 130
Credits 45 - 50
Junk Heap
Gondex Leg Armor
Ranhex Helmet
Tandril Body Armor
Raga Hills (Depths)
Raga Hills (Hall of Exiles)
Multi-Layered Armor 5 - 6
Solid 3% - 4%
Slashing 3% - 4%

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