Raga House Warrior
Raga House Warrior
Class - Mutant
Level - 43
Damage Slashing Slashing
The Raga House Warriors are sent out from the settlements in search of food and plunder. They decide the fate of those they spy in the mountain paths, if the intruder looks like easy prey or has something they might need they will attack, but if the intruder is well armed and dangerous looking they will hang back unless provoked. This is the warrior code of the Raga House.
XP 85 - 93
Attack 111 - 115
Defense 90 - 105
Armor 89 - 97
Damage 50 - 53
HP 90 - 100
Credits 40 - 46
Raga Warrior Head
Research Notes
Highridge Crag (Upper Slopes)
Highridge Crag (Trail)
Piercing Strike 1 - 3
Multi-Layered Armor 2 - 3
Radiation 3% - 4%
Slashing 3% - 4%

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