Raga House Dreg
Raga House Dreg
Class - Mutant
Level - 42
Damage Radiation Radiation
The most numerous mutant tribe in the area is known as the Raga House. The members of the house are always vigilant of those who enter their lands, allowing some to pass without problem or attacking others without mercy. Even within a mutant society like the Raga House there are those who are deemed below others. These brainless and violent individuals are known as Dregs and are often sent into the wilds to carry out tasks their owners and superiors deem below them.
XP 81 - 93
Attack 101 - 109
Defense 103 - 115
Armor 87 - 90
Damage 46 - 49
HP 93 - 100
Credits 39 - 43
Raga Dreg Rags
Highridge Crag (Bluff)
Highridge Crag (Upper Slopes)
Piercing Strike 1 - 2
Critical Hit 2 - 3
Solid 1% - 2%
Radiation 3% - 4%
Crushing 1% - 2%

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