Proto Stim Warrior (HK)
Proto Stim Warrior (HK)
Class - Humanoid
Level - 16
Damage Solid Solid
The Proto Stim Warriors were created by an unknown military organization during the Purge of Taulin. The organization performed experiments to make the warriors more resistant to radiation and to be stronger and faster in combat. However, the experiment failed and all the Proto Stim Warriors that had been released into Taulin went AWOL after being driven mad by the overdoses of experimental stims pumped into them. A large group of these warriors are still at large in the Rad Lands.
XP -
Attack 51 - 55
Defense 65 - 68
Armor 50 - 55
Damage 50 - 73
HP 100 - 105
Credits 18 - 18
Proto Warrior Torso
Phantom Lake (Shore)
Piercing Strike 1 - 2
Multi-Layered Armor 1 - 2
Critical Hit 1 - 2
Solid 4% - 9%

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