60 Amethyst Peak (Pinnacle) - (12, 12) none



  1. Kill 1x Luxer Thaxus (Elite)



A tall man in Purist Robes strides up to you.

The man grins at you, 'Hello there, good to see a G27 Unit. I thought you had all been done in. Glad I'm wrong. Now let's get down to business. If you managed to get here you must be a component fighter. Good ones are so hard to find nowadays. The Shard are crystalline beings that can utilize both Psi and laser energy. This is very rare. I must have a Shard Gem. I'm sure it would make a powerful staff.' 'So, if the Shard gem is taken from a powerful Shard, the staff will be a thing of Legend! Go kill the Luxer Thaxus (Elite), I'll make it worth your while.'

The tall Purist stands waiting for your return, 'Have you killed the Luxer Thaxus (Elite) for me?'

The Purist smiles broadly, 'Excellent, take this Korthill Link Whip Blueprint. I'd better be off to get my Shard Gem for the body. Oh - yes I just opened the Amethyst Pinnacle Clucter. Take a look if your interested, good day Unit.'

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