12 Desert Path (Steps) - (15, 14) [none]



  1. Obtain 1x Venom Rad Sacs Blueprint
  2. Return to (15, 14)



The wind churns around you picking up sand in angry gusts. Through the haze, you find a Mutant Hunter hunched down against the weather drinking from a battered water skin.

The Hunter looks at you with suspicion, 'We of the Blazing Eye have been in eternal conflict with the Phantom Stalkers. The Stalkers are a small but savage Tribe that live near Taulin City. They have been attacking us with increased confidence and repetition. The attacks have been so often that our supplies of Rad Venom have been depleted. Could you give me some Venom Rad Sacs. You will need this Venom Rad Sacs Blueprint to assemble the Sacs. I will make it worth your while.'

You receive 1 x Venom Rad Sacs Blueprint

The Blazing Eye Hunter waits for you, 'Have you found the Venom Rad Sacs?'

He takes the Venom Sacs from you, 'Thank you, you have done my Tribe a great favor. Please take this Snake Strike Pistol Blueprint as a token of our gratitude.'

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