Pain Dealer
Pain Dealer
Class - Cybernetic
Level - 20
Damage Crushing Crushing
Pain Dealers are a simple form of Cyborg used by the Chrome Hand. The Pain Dealers were originally used in mining operations however they revolted against their owners and all joined the Chrome Hand. Pain Dealers are armed with a heavy duty mace that was once used as a deadly bone crunching weapon in combat.
XP 41 - 45
Attack 44 - 50
Defense 23 - 30
Armor 51 - 60
Damage 17 - 20
HP 60 - 70
Credits 19 - 21
Dealer Head
Troncor Helmet
Lamesh Body Armor
Gordoron Leg Armor
Taulin Outskirts (Inner)
Taulin Outskirts (Dunes)
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Plains)
Critical Hit 3 - 6
Solid 6% - 8%

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