65 Raga Domain (East Quadrant) - (7, 2) [none]



  1. Receive 1x Shard Jump Pack Blueprint
  2. Return to (7, 2)
  3. Go to (12, 2)

Squad of Raga Warriors



The Shard seem to be intent on wiping out the House Raga. But the Mutants are more tenacious than they look. The Shard are not getting an easy victory. To the North you hear the sounds of battle.

In a deep trench you find a Squad of Raga Warriors. Shattered Shard bodies lay all around them. 'Welcome Unit. It's good to see a non-crystalline face. The Shard are clever fighters, their strategy is almost flawless. They are outnumbered by the Raga, but are holding their own by the use of those Jump Packs. They can simply out flank our units.

We do not have that technology, can you get a Shard Jump Pack for us so we can see how it's made? I found this Blueprint off one of the dead Shard, I can't understand it. Maybe it'll be of more use to you.'

You receive 1 x Shard Jump Pack Blueprint

The Raga Squad is taking a well earned rest when you return, 'Did you manage to get that Shard Jump Pack?'

The embattled Squad Leader takes the Jump Pack from you. 'There is no mechanism I recognize in this thing. It's as if the Jump Pack was apart of the Shards very body it's self. Not unlike a mutation I suppose. I don't think this is going to be of any use to us. But thank you for the effort.

'There are less and less Shard attacking now. I'm not sure why – but their numbers are dwindling. I think the end of this might be in sight. We are a proud House. But there are many troubles that are assailing us.

I see that you have an honorable soul. I think we might ask one more favor of you.

'Go see Thol Karrik, you will find him East of here. Tell him Char Than sent you.'

An old Mutant sits barking orders into an ancient radio. He stops speaking as soon as he realizes that your are there. 'What do you want of Thol Karrik?'

The Mutant stares intently at you, 'Char Than is a fine Warrior, he has a wise head on his young shoulders. If he sent you to me, you must be powerful. Before the Shard attacked we had another thorn in our side. The Kings son wanted to return to our true roots as a people. I assume you have heard that the Raga eat people. This is true, but only in times of dire famine when we have no choice. Our people have never just eaten people for the pleasure of it. But Gundo Raga sees differently.

'He thinks when you partake of anothers flesh, you take their spirit into you as well. Making you more powerful. This is of course rubbish, but he has drawn many to his side. The King saw this as a threat to his position. He asked his son to stop his foolishness, but he refused. And ranted about return to the true nature of House Raga.'

'The King tried to reason with him, but when his followers attacked a downed flyer recently, purely to eat the survivors, he had no choice but to send them into exile.

We cannot have others thinking we are mindless savages. But the exile of Gundo Raga has not solved the problem, only delayed the inevitable. To this end I have not been idle. I have a spy in his camp.

Go into the Raga Hills and Kill Gundo Raga (Elite), and do what the King could not. You will have to find the spy to get near him. He has only one Eye, you should find him easily. When you find him, give him this Seal of Karrik.'

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