Nivious Beetle
Nivious Beetle
Class - Insect
Level - 33
Damage Crushing Crushing
The Nivious Beetle is a huge species of Glow Beetle that is naive to the natural underground tunnels that join onto the Highridge mines. The Nivious Beetle is a calm creature that grazes on molds that grow on the rocks although it can easily defend itself if need be. The Nivious Beetle is slowly being domesticated by miners to be used as livestock as food can at times be scarce when mine output is low.
XP 67 - 71
Attack 65 - 70
Defense 61 - 69
Armor 99 - 115
Damage 40 - 44
HP 70 - 79
Credits 30 - 35
Nivious Head
Highridge Mines (Tunnels)
Multi-Layered Armor 4 - 6
Solid 1% - 2%
Energy 1% - 2%
Radiation 1% - 2%
Slashing 1% - 2%

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