10 Desert Path (Straights) - (15, 12) [none]



  1. Obtain 1x Harvesters Storage Reservoir
  2. Return to (15, 12)



In a quiet corner you find a wounded Woman.

The Woman initially reels from you, but when she realizes that you mean her no harm she relaxes, 'Sorry, this is a harsh world we live in. There are many who would simply kill me for the cloths I wear. I have no right to ask really, but there is a patient in my care who needs a blood transfusion. There are strange androids in this area that seem to collect Blood. Can you please bring me a Harvesters Storage Reservoir. I'll make it worth your while.'

The Wounded Doctor waits for you, 'Have you taken a Harvesters Storage Reservoir from those weird Bio Harvesters?'

The Doctor takes the gruesome treasure from you, 'With this I can save my patient. Thank you very much for this. I tried to do it myself but failed. Please take this Harvesters Plate Blueprint as a token of my gratitude.'

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