Mutant Spear Hunter
Mutant Spear Hunter
Class - Mutant
Level - 17
Damage Piercing Piercing
The Mutant Spear Hunters from the Phantom Stalkers tribe roam the Phantom Lake in search of food and salvageable items. Desperation makes these mutants particularly vicious, making trade with the tribe impossible. They also love to prey on those weaker than themselves, as easy kills make for an easy meal.
XP 36 - 38
Attack 40 - 47
Defense 30 - 35
Armor 35 - 40
Damage 14 - 17
HP 51 - 60
Credits 15 - 19
Spear Hunter Rags
Phantom Lake (Outer)
Piercing Strike 5 - 6
Solid 3% - 4%
Radiation 1% - 2%

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