Mutant Guard Dog
Mutant Guard Dog
Class - Irradiated
Level - 67
Damage Radiation Radiation
When man first started colonizing the stars it was inevitable that they would take man's best friend with them. Many canines have survived the radiation of the deserts, although not without a cost to their DNA and have become mutated and feral. The Raga see them as kindred spirits and keep them as guard dogs, allowing them to run free in the Raga Hills hunting intruders and warning the Raga with their unnatural howls if danger approaches.
XP 131 - 140
Attack 170 - 185
Defense 138 - 151
Armor 145 - 160
Damage 82 - 83
HP 160 - 166
Credits 49 - 50
Guard Dogs Head
Rad Heart
Raga Hills (Edge)
Multi-Layered Armor 3 - 4
Critical Hit 1 - 2
Solid 2% - 3%
Radiation 4% - 5%

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