Mine Security Guard
Mine Security Guard
Class - Humanoid
Level - 30
Damage Crushing Crushing
Areas deemed to full of dangerous Troglodytes and dangers from intruders are often patrolled by the Mine Security Guards. The Guards stayed here when the majority of the workforce left for Taulin City because the pay they get from the miners is substantial as Taulite ore gets a good price on the market. The Mine Security Guard are armed with close range weapons like shotguns and rock picks for close quarter fighting in the tunnels.
XP 61 - 67
Attack 69 - 78
Defense 50 - 57
Armor 65 - 70
Damage 35 - 38
HP 65 - 72
Credits 27 - 33
Mine Security Equipment
Highridge Mines (Halls)
Critical Hit 4 - 6
Solid 2% - 4%
Radiation 3% - 4%

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