Mine Loader
Mine Loader
Class - Vehicular
Level - 35
Damage Crushing Crushing
Mine Loaders are vehicles of primitive yet robust design. Mine Loaders are primarily used to load rock debris from the mines into the machines that will scan it for Taulite ore, although they also come in use when deterring intruders by running them down with over 9 tonnes of steel on wheels.
XP 72 - 73
Attack 104 - 114
Defense 22 - 29
Armor 101 - 118
Damage 41 - 46
HP 80 - 84
Credits 31 - 38
Broken Components
Loader Scrap
Highridge Mines (Rock Layer)
Highridge Mines (Broken Sediment)
Highridge Mines (Volcanic Deposits)
Multi-Layered Armor 5 - 6
Solid 4% - 6%
Piercing 1% - 2%

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