Mine Drill Cyborg
Mine Drill Cyborg
Class - Cybernetic
Level - 34
Damage Piercing Piercing
Most of the Cyborg workers in the mines deserted to join the Chrome Hand gang. Of the few Cyborgs that remained, the most numerous of were the Mine Drill Cyborgs. They Cyborgs were specially designed to aid in creating new mine tunnels and they saw little reason why they should join with the gang and hid from Sharona Rai in the deepest mines until it was safe to resume their job alongside the miners.
XP 70 - 72
Attack 77 - 80
Defense 65 - 70
Armor 90 - 100
Damage 42 - 44
HP 43 - 45
Credits 31 - 37
Spiral Drill
Miner Remains
Highridge Mines (Rock Layer)
Highridge Mines (Broken Sediment)
Piercing Strike 5 - 6
Solid 1% - 2%
Energy 1% - 2%
Piercing 3% - 4%

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