78 SureTec (Pistol Lab) - (15, 3) [none]



  1. Kill Pistol Assembly Arms
  2. Return to (15, 3)



A Production Line Worker cowers in a corner watching the Assembly Arms in terror.

The man jumps at the sound of your voice, 'No I'm not alright. There is a virus rampaging through the factory net making everything go mad. The Pistol Line Manager has altered the cut off switch so that you need a Line Key to shut down the section. The union at the time tried to say it was against regulations, but they just ignored us. Now the Assembly Arms have gone berserk we can't stop them without that key.'

'I'm sure one of those Pistol Assembly Arms killed the Manager, maybe the Line Key is on one of them. Can you see if you can find it?'

A Production Line Worker waits for your return, 'have you found that Line Key yet?'

The Worker takes the Line Key from you, 'Thank you very much, I'll just go over to the shut off switch and close down the section. Thank you again.'

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