71 Raga Hills (Secret Way) - (12, 6) [none]



  1. Kill 60 Cave Nulla
  2. Return to (12, 6)



In the silent darkness you are startled by a Raga suddenly appearing and waving his arms around.

The Mutant looks at you in astonishment, 'Would you be quiet!' he hisses in an almost inaudible whisper. 'Don't you know that the Secret Way is crawling with Nulla – they will strike if they hear you.' At your obvious confusion the Mutant sighs deeply. 'The Secret Way is hidden to everyone but us Raga. It is our escape route under the hills for our people if we are invaded. Unfortunately this means that hardly anyone comes down here so the Nulla have moved in, they are everywhere.'

The Mutant seems to see you for the first time, he tilts his head to the side. 'I have a proposition for you. We Raga must have this path under the Hills open, can you kill 60 Cave Nulla this will exterminate the threat and allow safe passage for our House.'

The Raga Guard stands quietly in the gloom, 'Have you killed the 60 Cave Nulla?'

The Mutant giggles and turns away, 'That's good, I can tell Gundo Raga that the job is done now. He will be pleased. There is just one more thing that I need to check on before I can return for my reward.' And with that he runs off into the cave.

You gawp at the mutant as he vanishes from view, if you meet that wretched Exile scum again - he will not be laughing for long...

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