76 SureTec (Reception) - (2, 17) [none]



  1. Go to (6, 6)
  2. Receive 1x SureTec Visitors Pass Blueprint
  3. Return to (2, 17)



The SureTec Reception area stretches before you. You are greeted by a Reception Scanner.

The left arm of the robot passes in front of you, the robot gives a high pitched bleep. 'Authorization not accepted, please provide authorization before access to SureTec facility can be allowed.' You realize that you need to convince the Scanner that you are allowed past.

There must be a Scanner Console around here somewhere where you can get authorization. You just need to find it.

You find the Scanner Console hidden in a quiet corridor.

You hit the large 'Help' button on the left hand side of the screen. After a few frustrating moments of going round in circles with some pointless menus you stumble across an option for getting a temporary pass.

A large window opens before you, 'Do you want a Visitors Pass to the facility?' the console barks at you. You click the 'Ok' button and wait, another pop-up appears on screen after a while. The authorization has not been given for a Visitors Pass to be allocated. Please take the Visitors Pass Blueprint to create a Visitors Pass and talk to the Reception Scanner.

You receive 1 x SureTec Visitors Pass Blueprint

The Reception Scanner turns to you as you approach, 'You have already been Scanned. Do you possess a SureTec Visitors Pass?'

You show the Security chip to the robot, a green light flashes momentarily on the scanner pad, 'Visitors Pass accepted. Enjoy your stay at SureTec. You may now access the rest of the factory.'

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