Highridge Miner
Highridge Miner
Class - Humanoid
Level - 32
Damage Piercing Piercing
The mines of Highridge are still worked, although not in the large scale they were a few years ago. Many of the Miners left the mines to work in Taulin City after the Cyborg workers revolted. Those who stayed, live and work in the mines full time where they mine for the rare ore Taulite. This ore is extremely expensive on the market and the miners guard it jealously, attacking anyone they believe has entered the mines to steal.
XP 65 - 68
Attack 51 - 66
Defense 90 - 101
Armor 65 - 70
Damage 37 - 40
HP 68 - 70
Credits 30 - 35
Highridge Miner Loot
Highridge Mines (Maze)
Piercing Strike 2 - 4
Multi-Layered Armor 1 - 2
Solid 3% - 4%
Radiation 1% - 2%
Piercing 1% - 2%

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