61 Raga Domain (West Quadrant) - (7, 8) [none]



  1. Kill 50 Shard Exterminators
  2. Return to (7, 8)
  3. Go to (4, 2)
  4. Go to (2, 10)
  5. Obtain 1 x Shelter Pass
  6. Return to (4, 2)

Young Raga



In the shadow of the Cloning Facility you find a group of young Raga Mutants cowering in a ditch.

The Mutants look at you in astonishment, 'The Crystal men are killing everybody, are you blind! If you want to help go kill 50 Shard Exterminators.'

The young Raga Mutants whisper to each other in fear, they look around constantly on guard. 'Have you killed 50 Shard Exterminators?'

The Mutants look at you as if for the first time. Maybe it was your matter of fact tone, but they seem to gain confidence from your quiet strength. 'I'm sorry I was short with you before, we're just so afraid. We must get to the Shelter, we are told to go there if there is any trouble. Can you take us? The Shelter is North West of here.'

You travel with the frightened Mutants through the sand. As you walk you see bodies of the dead littering the area. With a few difficulties you manage to find the Raga Shelter. The heavy steel door stands before you.

You fist rings hollow against the cold steel, eventually a small peep hole snaps open and shocked scarlet eyes stare out at you, 'What do you want, only Raga are allowed in the Shelter.' You step aside and the Guard looks at the young Mutants. In as calm a manner as you can muster you explain that you are only trying to get these youngsters into the Shelter.

The Guard squawks, 'Where is your Shelter Pass?' The youngsters look at you stricken. The Guard barks at you, 'Only those with a Pass may enter the Shelter, everyone knows that. In a crisis like this we must be sure that only our kin enter the Shelter.'

You lose your temper, you shout at the Guard to let them in. He simply stares back at you and asks for a Shelter Pass, then the peep hole clicks shut. The Young Mutants sink down to their knees, 'It's useless, they will not let us in without a Shelter Pass. Only the Eldest is trusted with a Pass, but we were ambushed by the Crystal men and Kamma told us to run and fought the men. If you could find Kamma and bring back the Shelter Pass, we will be able to get in.

You search for Kamma's body. Eventually you find him.

You grit your teeth against the grisly task. But you eventually find the Shelter Pass. You should return to the Shelter as quickly as possible.

You receive 1 x Shelter Pass

You are relieved to find the Young Mutants sitting in front of the Shelter doors. They stand quickly as you approach, 'Have you found Kamma and got the Shelter Pass?'

They take the Pass from you gratefully. With a few curt words the Guard accepts the Pass and the Shelter Door swings open.

Several Raga House Warriors take up defensive positions and the Mutants enter the Shelter. The leader of the Gate Guard hands you a Raga Hammer Blueprint, 'Take this as thanks for keeping our Younglings safe.' With that, the Guard retreats into the Shelter and the door is locked into place.

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