67 Raga Hills (Edge) - (2, 13) [none]



  1. Recieve 1x Sealed Rad Jar Blueprint
  2. Return to (2, 13)

Raga Field Medic



You find a Mutant putting large hearts into jars.

The Mutant looks at you sideways, 'You are not one of us, do not know our ways. The radiation held within these Rad Hearts will aid in the healing of our Warriors. It might sound strange to you, but Radiation is very important to any Mutant. It sustains us rather than poisons.

'We have suffered may casualties from the Shard attack, we need these hearts preserved to transport back to the battlefield to tend the injured.

Here, take this Sealed Rad Jar Blueprint, make yourself useful and get me one.'

You receive 1 x Sealed Rad Jar Blueprint

The Raga Field Medic is busy packing up the completed Jars for transport when you return, 'Have you got me a Sealed Rad Jar?'

The Field Medic smiles broadly, 'Good, Good. Nicely packed as well. I commend you Unit. Also the more dogs killed the better. We don't want the Exiles getting too comfortable in their little hole. Well back to the front for me, luck to you.'

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