Gundo Raga (Elite)
Gundo Raga (Elite)
Class - Mutant
Level - 70
Damage Piercing Piercing
Gundo Raga is the exiled son of the Raga house. Gundo and his followers were exiled for their overindulgence in human flesh and for the superstitions they follow about how becoming a cannibal is a path to great power and strength. With attacks from the Shard growing more frequent Gundo and his men are now planing to evacuate the caves and take the Raga houses leadership from his father in a major assault, and thus escaping annihilation by the Shard and gaining great power as king of house Raga.
XP 286 - 303
Attack 261 - 268
Defense 265 - 274
Armor 288 - 292
Damage 140 - 142
HP 455 - 499
Credits 48 - 54
Gundos Garments
Raga Hills (Hall of Exiles)
Piercing Strike 5 - 6
Solid 3% - 4%
Psionic 1% - 2%
Slashing 1% - 2%

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