Gamma Worm (Champion)
Gamma Worm (Champion)
Class - Beast
Level - 24
Damage Radiation Radiation
Gamma Worms are huge carnivorous worms that burrow below the desert. Like their young they sense vibrations on the surface in order to detect prey that are often devoured whole by the beasts. Gamma Worms are native creatures to Sigma that archaeological evidence shows have been effected radically by the Gamma radiation in the desert having grown from the size of a man's hand to the size of a mining crawler in the space of a few hundred years.
XP -
Attack 62 - 65
Defense 61 - 70
Armor 50 - 59
Damage 26 - 29
HP 83 - 85
Credits 19 - 22
Gamma Worm Carcass
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Nest)
Piercing Strike 2 - 2
Multi-Layered Armor 3 - 3
Critical Hit 2 - 2
Solid 3% - 3%
Radiation 4% - 4%
Piercing 1% - 1%

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