74 Scrap Yard (Steel Dump) - (8, 6) [none]



  1. Go to (14, 16)
  2. Kill 40 Garbage Trangi
  3. Return to (14, 16)
  4. Go to (15, 15)
  5. Go to (6, 2)
  6. Go to (5, 6)
  7. Kill 1x Adult Trangi (Champion)
  8. Return to (5, 6)
  9. Return to Scrap Yard (Steel Dump) - (8, 6)

Broken Waste Pipe



The Steel Yard is knee deep in foul smelling water, a Steel Yard Worker wades towards you holding his nose.

He looks at you with barely contained anger, 'Yes - we have a leak. I don't know where it's coming from either. But it's not just the water that is the problem. The water is full of Trangi! I don't know why – so don't ask. I just know that they are dangerous.'

'You know, you look like you can handle yourself. Tell you what. I'll give you 1,000 Credits if you can turn off the water. First you will have to find out where the water is coming from, come back here when you have finished.'

Walking through water is tiring, doing so and fighting Trangi is exhausting. But eventually you come across an ancient Steel Compactor which has water gushing out of it.

As you attempt to see what is wrong with the compactor a tide of Trangi rush at you.

To get close to the compactor you must kill 40 Garbage Trangi

The Trangi surge towards you as you try to enter the Compactor Access. You must kill 40 Garbage Trangi to clear the way.'

As the last Trangi falls you quickly open the Access Panel of the Steel Compactor just in case more arrive.

As soon as you enter the Steel Compactor you see the problem. A Waste Pipe near the center of the compactor is stuck open.

Just before you are about to lift the waste pipe hatch to your horror a massive Trangi rises in front of you. Kill the Adult Trangi (Champion)

The Steel Compactor waste pipe is stuck open, to close it you will need to kill the Adult Trangi (Champion).

The Adult Trangi seemed to be forcing water out of the compactor into the Steel Yard. Presumably so that her offspring could survive. As the hatch closes on the pipe you hear a frustrated cry. You look up to see the Outcast Scum you met in the Secret Way swing a wicked looking sword at you. You dodge the lethal strike just in time.

The realization dawns on you that he had done this. The Mutant grins a wide wicked smile. 'So you eventually figured it out. Yes I did dump the body of the Raga Warrior in Iron Yard. It was rubbish after all. I never suspected the Nanites in the dump would like him so much. Hah - I was amazed that a Raga Warrior could be so useful! And yes I did plant the Trangi in the Compactor. That was my main task for Gundo, to keep the Junk Yard people off balance so we could steal parts for a Junk Bots. They don't make themselves you know. Shame you found out – now I gotta kill ya.'

It is your time to smile now, 'Sorry to tell you friend, but I just gutted Gundo Raga on my way here under orders of Thol Karrik. You should return home more often.' The Outcast let out an incredulous sigh and rolls his eyes at you.

The problem with overconfidence is you get sloppy, you should never take your eyes off an opponent. You kill the Outcast where he stands as he gawps at you and the Trangi fall upon his body greedily. You decide to leave the compactor before they finish with him and start on you.

You should return to the Steel Yard Worker for your money.

The Steel Yard Worker stands staring morosely at the dark water around him, 'Have you found the leak yet?

He blinks in suprise, 'Oh ummm, thats great! I was just thinking that with this mess my boss would fire me. Glad you sorted it.' You explain that an Adult Trangi had been placed in the Steel Compactor, and that you have dealt with it. The only thing he need to do is get rid of the Garbage Trangi and fix the broken Waste Pipe in the Compactor. He nods slowly – then smiles with relief, 'So you got rid of the source of the Trangi that's good, I can deal with the rest. You really saved me – you have no idea. Here take these credits as agreed.'

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