Dragons2 14


Founded November 27 2008
Min Level to Join: 1
All 12 Structures Maxed
5 member squads
Leveling Contests With FC Prizes Held Monthly
Alliances: Elemental Society of Purism, Werewolves of the Silver Moon, Ancient Ones of Sigma2, Final Fantasy
Faction Site

Faction Leadership:



  • 6 spots left


Egg: 5k Faction xp
Hatchling: 25k Faction xp
Baby Dragon: 100k Faction xp
Dracling: 250k Faction xp
Sea Serpant: 500k Faction xp
Inferno Dragon: 1 million Faction xp
Hypercane Dragon: 5 million Faction xp


Any infraction is grounds for immediate kicking. Depending on past history leniency may be granted. But don't count on it. EVERYONE is told to read the rules and to be familiar with them upon joining. So no one has an excuse.

  • Daily activity

This does not mean logging on using part of your energy and logging off. You must be using all of your energy daily. If you aren't contributing to the faction xp you aren't active. Due to members not playing out their energy on a regular basis I'm adding to this that by the third day of membership, individual earned xp for the faction must be above 900 or you are booted immediately. No warm bodies remember?

  • Faction Deposits

I'm not requiring faction deposits at this time because there is a faction tax in place. However, if it looks like we are losing money I will instigate a weekly deposit requirement. It will never be more than 3 times weekly if that does happen.

  • Absence

If you are going to be gone longer than 24hrs I need to know. Otherwise you'll be kicked. I understand life happens and depending on your past performance may make an exception for a period of time. No "warm bodies" allowed. I am giving up to a 24 hr grace period after the initial 24 hrs due to unforeseen instances. However if it becomes a regular habit you will be booted. If you send me a PM in the game detailing an absence, it is still YOUR responsibility to post in the absence thread here.

  • Faction Store

a. One store slot needs to always stay open for drops from squad attacks. b. DO NOT EVER take a drop from a group attack that is not yours. This is thieving. It's ridiculous that I even need to state this. If you are giving a drop to someone send it directly to the individual. Do not take it and then ask to keep it.

  • Squad Attack

These are only to be used for attacking Elites or Hunter-Killers. Please don't join until you are level 10. Then you need to join as many as you can.

  • Item Recalling: (Right now the first two levels, Egg and Hatchling, do not have the ability to recall. Any breaking of the rule will have the ability yanked.)

a. Recall only after a member has been offline for a min of 20 min (the green spot light of that member disappears in faction manage page). b. Do not EVER recall from an active member even if you see that their energy isn't high enough to hunt. They may be waiting for an energy gain that is only minutes away. Ask first. If they say no or don't respond, respect that, and don't harass them. Wait until they are logged off and then recall. If I see this happen, that will be grounds for immediate kicking. c. At the finish of a hunt, make sure you repair the items completely. d. If you are using guild tagged items and in a PVP area make sure you end your hunt on a safe spot. This way if items are recalled while you are offline you'll be safe while re-equipping them. e. If you can't use the item yet, don't take it. Hoarding is not a team attitude and isn't appreciated by all involved. If you want to hoard a piece of equipment, get your own and FF it yourself. Those tagged items are for immediate use to members.

  • Buffs

For those with a max energy of 500 please make sure you have at least 400 current energy before asking. Those over have at least 500 before asking. They are free for faction members as long as they are used well. Meaning that when buffed there had better only be a max of 20 energy left after hunting. I have a three strike rule. Meaning you waste the energy I used to buff you three times you no longer get it free. You can still have it, after paying for it. Anyone else who has buffs can decide if they want to adopt the three strikes rule.

  • Begging:

Do not request/beg FC, credits or free equipment from ANYONE including myself and your fellow factionmates.

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