54 Amethyst Peak (Lower Slope) - (9, 10) [none]



  1. Kill 30 Zhha Warriors
  2. Return to (9, 10)



An ancient robot approaches you.

The Robot strides up to you in halting movements, 'Greetings Unit, I am the local Sector Preserver. I am assigned to this location to repair the damage to the environment done by the Terrain Forces in the recent hostilities. The task has taken longer than my programming anticipated to be honest, but I was getting on top of it. Until the Crystalline men came. They are growing those pink crystals for some reason. But they shouldn't be there!' 'Please help me restore this area to it's original condition, if you destroy 30 Zhha Warriors this will help tremendously.'

The Sector Preserver scans the area and grumbles to it's self at the mess, 'Ah good, you are here. Have you destroyed 30 Zhha Warriors?'

The Preserver claps it's hands at the news, 'Excellent, that will help reduce the spread of the crystals. Take this Zhha Fighting Claws Blueprint as reward.'

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