Crag Venaxadon
Crag Venaxadon
Class - Beast
Level - 45
Damage Piercing Piercing
Crag Venaxadons are large predatory animals native to Sigma. The Crag Venaxadon is an agile hunter that uses its bone crushing jaws to kill its prey. The major prey of the Crag Venaxadon is the slow yet powerful Shggoth but in recent years has begun killing people and mutants that live in the mountains, possibly as they are easier prey for the Crag Venaxadon to bring down.
XP 91 - 96
Attack 97 - 105
Defense 97 - 103
Armor 100 - 105
Damage 50 - 55
HP 115 - 120
Credits 42 - 48
Venaxadon Arm
Highridge Crag (Vale)
Highridge Crag (Range)
Multi-Layered Armor 5 - 6
Radiation 3% - 4%
Slashing 1% - 2%
Piercing 1% - 2%

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