Chrome Zealot (Champion)
Chrome Zealot (Champion)
Class - Cybernetic
Level - 26
Damage Solid Solid
The Chrome Zealots are the most fanatical of Sharona Rais warriors. They believe her every word and command and are rewarded by her for their devoutness to the Chrome Hand. They are often given one of the pincer claws designed by Sharona Rai and given the Chrome Hands gang banners which they display with pride so all the Chrome Hand can be aware of their presence.
XP 84 - 94
Attack 91 - 102
Defense 65 - 71
Armor 50 - 51
Damage 30 - 32
HP 62 - 64
Credits 23 - 30
Looted Components
Zealot Head
Taulin Gamma Wastes (Towers)
Piercing Strike 1 - 2
Critical Hit 3 - 4
Solid 4% - 5%
Crushing 1% - 3%

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