Cerebral Screamer
Cerebral Screamer
Class - Beast
Level - 20
Named for the way it attacks, the Cerebral Screamer uses its psionic powers to get inside the heads of its prey. It destabilizes part of the cerebral cortex in the brain responsible for the processing of sound. The result is a horrific screech causing so much pain and confusion that its enemy can convulse to the point that they break their own spine.
XP 43 - 43
Attack 65 - 70
Defense 35 - 40
Armor 30 - 40
Damage 13 - 18
HP 60 - 70
Credits 18 - 22
Screamer Carcass
Taulin Outskirts (Dunes)
Piercing Strike 4 - 6
Solid 2% - 4%
Psionic 4% - 4%

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