Cave Nulla
Cave Nulla
Class - Reptile
Level - 71
Damage Piercing Piercing
The Cave Nulla is a sluggish creature, its heavy mass writhing through the caverns with the aid of its muscular legs. It lies in the darkness blocking cave tunnels with its gaping jaws waiting for prey to simply walk into into its gooey mouth. It takes years for its food to digest fully in its four stomachs which absorb every last nutrient, this allows the beast to live and grow slowly for hundreds of years.
XP 144 - 146
Attack 177 - 181
Defense 140 - 145
Armor 170 - 180
Damage 86 - 87
HP 148 - 150
Credits 44 - 50
Nulla Maw
Raga Hills (Secret Way)
Piercing Strike 5 - 6
Solid 2% - 3%
Slashing 1% - 2%
Piercing 2% - 3%

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