Choosing a faction can be one of the most important decisions you will make in the game, and you’ll need to make it early to get the best benefits from your faction membership. There are many faction that won’t accept lower-level players, but keep looking and you’ll find one that will recognize your potential and take you in.

Before that happens, you need to do your research so you know which factions are worth joining. There are only a few things you need to look at when choosing a faction, so answer the following questions for each faction you are investigating:

How many members does this faction already have? The answer to this question is important because it will tell you how popular the faction is, and it will let you know how likely it is that it will cost you credits and/or FCs to join the faction in question. Any faction that has more than eight members will generally charge you 25 FCs to join because that is how much it costs them to buy an additional member space for you. Sometimes you will see faction recruitment messages on the forum or in the Shout Box which mention that membership is free to the first X number of people who join. This usually happens when the faction kicks inactive players, so take advantage of it if you can.

How many Structures does the faction have? The answer to this question will depend on both the level of the faction and how much gold they have in their bank. An active faction with a lot of members will have a big bank, a high level, and lots of structures. Now typically these factions are hard to get into for any amount of Fcs, but if you get the opportunity to join a faction with a bunch of structures and the gold to keep them up, then do it. You will reap the benefits of other people’s efforts initially, and then you can start contributing to the faction yourself.

Are the members of the faction active? You can answer this question by looking at the average level of the players in the faction and how much experience they are contributing. A faction with a lot of level 10 or lower players might not be very active, unless it is brand new. On the other hand, if the faction has only level 40 or higher players you won’t stand much of a chance of getting in until you level up yourself.

When starting out, your options for joining a faction may be few and far between. Tilt the odds in your favor by picking out a select few factions you’d like to belong to, and then engage their members in conversation. If you can help their members with items, gold, or advice, then do so at every opportunity. Read any information their members may have posted about the faction on the forum and visit their webpage if they have one. Learn what you can about the faction, then make key alliances with their members. You’ll be much more likely to be invited to join a faction if you are already making yourself useful, so don’t pass up any opportunity. The benefits you receive by belonging to a strong, active faction will far outweigh any cost or effort you incur early on in the game.

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