Simulation Taulin Rad Lands Gamma Wastes Highridge Mines Highridge Crag Amethyst Peak Raga Domain SureTec Holdings Orbital Station 1313 Veron Wastes Desolation of Nuwa Ashstorm Wilds Ashstorm Oasis Ullgath Caves Netherdeep Labyrinth Sanctuary of Ages Ashstorm Combat Zone Ashstorm Theatre of Operations Sanctuary of Ages Inner Halls TIU Spearhead The Dahon Plains Taulin Desert Taulin Sands Phantom Domain TIU Vanguard

Range Sectors Artifact
1-10 Simulation Taulin Rad Lands [none]
11-20 Taulin Rad Lands Fossilized Seinesaur
21-30 Taulin Rad Lands Gamma Wastes [none]
31-40 Highridge Mines [none]
41-50 Highridge Crag Raga Watchtower
51-60 Amethyst Peak Shard Stronghold
61-70 Raga Domain Colossal Fedomeera
71-80 Raga Domain Veron Wastes [none]
81-90 SureTec Holdings Orbital Station 1313 Experimental TIU Stealth Ship
91-100 Desolation of Nuwa [none]
101-110 Ashstorm Wilds Ancient Geothermal Tap
111-120 Ashstorm Oasis 50 15
121-130 Ullgath Caves 8 a
131-140 Netherdeep Labyrinth [none]
141-150 Sanctuary of Ages [none]
151-160 Ashstorm Combat Zone [none]
161-170 Ashstorm Theatre of Operations [none]
171-180 Sanctuary of Ages Inner Halls 12 a
181-190 TIU Spearhead [none]
191-200 TIU Spearhead [none]
201-210 Dahon Plains [none]
211-220 Dahon Plains Taulin Desert [none]
221-230 Taulin Desert Taulin Sands [none]
231-240 Phantom Domain [none]
241-250 TIU Vanguard [none]
251-260 Dahon Plains [none]
261-270 Cerrath [none]
271-280 Cerrath Caves [none]
281-290 Rah Kain Conduit [none]
291-300 Rah Kain Outpost [none]
301-310 Simulation Taulin Rad Lands [none]
311-320 Simulation Taulin Rad Lands [none]
321-330 Simulation Taulin Rad Lands [none]


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