Blind Tachyor
Blind Tachyor
Class - Beast
Level - 37
Damage Solid Solid
The Blind Tachyor is a beast native to the Hot Zone. They spend their entire lives hidden in underground burrows, sniffing out and feeding on Gamma Worms. On occasion one burrows further to find food and accidentally breaks into one of the mine tunnles and becomes agitated by strange smells, and begins rampaging around in unfamiliar territory until they find a way out or burrow out.
XP 73 - 81
Attack 75 - 80
Defense 107 - 111
Armor 85 - 91
Damage 40 - 48
HP 74 - 81
Credits 34 - 40
Trachyor Arm
Highridge Mines (Deep Level)
Highridge Mines (Sprawl)
Multi-Layered Armor 5 - 6
Solid 1% - 2%
Radiation 3% - 4%
Slashing 1% - 2%

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