Amblicrosis (Champion)
Amblicrosis (Champion)
Class - Insect
Level - 40
Damage Radiation Radiation
The Amblicrosis was once a squishable sized creature, its previous home under rocks in the forest. After the destruction of its natural habitat it found a new home in abandoned mine shafts, there it has dominated as a species and grown to an unimaginable size. It crushes its prey in its spiky forearms and munches on them with its frightening mandibles. It is highly territorial and extremely protective of its young.
XP 122 - 125
Attack 102 - 109
Defense 77 - 80
Armor 102 - 109
Damage 55 - 60
HP 100 - 109
Credits 39 - 42
Amblicrosis Husk
Highridge Mines (Dark Excavations)
Highridge Mines (Unstable Layer)
Multi-Layered Armor 5 - 6
Solid 7% - 8%

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